Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What are the actual measurements of some porn star's penises?

What are the actual measurements of some porn star's penises?
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Learn how the brain works, and how to recognize the symptoms of depression. Porn stars actually want their penis size known, so this question will get an answer - usually, WikiAnswers does not answer personal questions about a celebrity's body parts or sexual preference.
The thing about porn stars and their penises:

It's a movie! The producers use camera angle, lighting, perspective, and other tricks of the trade to make their stars look huge.
Most porn stars are not a lot larger than average, but they have good stage presence and they are good actors.
Many porn stars, especially from older movies, exaggerate their size.
Many stars will use a pump just before the filming starts to make themselves slightly larger.
Porn stars have "fluffers" whose job is to make sure that the star is fully erect at all times during the shoot!

Here are some facts about male porn stars:

Jeff Stryker: 7.5 inches

Kris Lord: 8 inches

Peter North: 8.5 inches

Ryan Idol: 7 inches

Ron Jeremy: 9.8 inches

Tommy Gunn: 7 inches

"Long Dong Silver:" supposedly 18 inches, but many believe he used a very convincing extender-sheath worn over his actual penis

"ManDingo:" claims to be 11.7 inches but I could not find an actual proven measurement via my search engines

Justin Slayer: supposedly 10 inches, but again, I cannot find an actual measurement

And there is a whole separate question about John "the Wad" Holmes!

Here are some comments from other contributors:

The bigger the better and some men are lucky to be well endowed as you can see in some of the DVDs. "The size of a penis does not make a man!" On average it's 6 - 9".

Porn stars are the same as anyone else, it is called magnified lenses which makes them look larger and there is also the fact they use pumps to make it larger, but on average they are 5 to 7 inches like most men, believe I know I work for an adult outlet and sell all this stuff!


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