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hung-like-a-horse isn't defined yet, but these are close:

Hung like a horse? How hung is a horse?What is hung like a horse? How do you know if your hung? What is being hung like a horse? How do you know if you are hung? What dose hung like a horse mean? What does hung over like a horse mean? What does it mean to be hung like a horse? What does the saying hung like a horse mean? How can you tell if a guy is hung like a horse?

What does hung like a donkey/horse actually mean???lol?What does th term hung like a horse mean to you?

it means you are well equipped downtown...ever gone to a farm and seen a donkey standing there and his wang is laying on the ground 7 to 12 inches below him...that's what it means....

Joseph To have an average sized penis. from 5-9 inches,having a large penis.having a large penis.English.To me it is describing someone who has a large dick.
Nine inches minimum.Under 4": 1.1%
Between 4" and 5": 7.3%
5.0" to 5.4": 11.5%
5.5" to 5.9": 21.9%
6.0" to 6.4": 25.6%
6.5" to 6.9": 16.8%
7.0" to 7.4": 9.3%
7.5" to 7.9": 3.9%
8.0" to 8.4": 1.4%
8.5" to 8.9": 0.6%
over 9.0": 0.4%

Which of the following do you like least about your penis — that is, what would you change, if you could?

Its length: 49.9% (average length: 5.76")
Its thickness: 13.5%
Its curvature up or down: 7.8%
Its curvature left or right: 11.5%
Its hairiness: 17.3%

Average approximate penis size based on ethnicity (age 16 and over):

African/black: 6.74"
Native American: 6.49"
Middle Eastern: 6.28"
European/white: 6.26"
Hispanic: 6.03"
Asian/Pacific Islander: 5.50"

Adjectivehung like a horse.Dosen't have over 12 inches -just above average in size and thickness

(idiomatic) having a large penis

WOW (haha!) It's just a figure of speech - if you have ever seen, on a farm perhaps, a horse when he's got his 'stuff' out before he mounts a mare to breed, it is VERY large when it's at its full length.. same with a donkey. So if someone says they are hung like a horse, they are saying they have a huge.. well, you get the picture! Thanks for the 2 points ;)
1 year ago

I would have thought that was obvious. Donkeys and horses have very large penises as a result men who think that penis size is really important use it as a comparison.

!To have an average sized penis. from 5-9 inches,having a large penis.having a large penis.English
Adjectivehung like a horse

(idiomatic) having a large penis

1. Hung like a man 9 up, 4 down
To have an average sized penis. from 5-9 inches, followed by hung like a horse, preceded by insults
"I thought he'd be tiny, but he was hung like a man!; Its nothing special, but its more fun than before"
get this def on a mug
penis hung like a man

2. hung like a horse 1040 up, 73 down
This term implies that a man has the endowment alike to that of a horse.Beyond 9". Seen as inhuman.
Stephen was hung 14 inches when erect and called himself the stallion king, he was therefore hung like a horse.
get this def on a mug
hung like a horse large penis well-endowed penis penis massive penis

3. Hung like a mosquito 12 up, 2 down
Possessing a very small penis. Opposite of hung like a horse.
Check out the nude pics of Brad Pitt...he's hung like a mosquito!
get this def on a mug
pud pocket weasel hung like a horse russell the love muscle donkey dick.

That's easy, find a horse and compare sizes.
Measure it like I did and you might find yourself well endowed.The phrase "Hung like a horse" you know where it came from?

Actually, the phrase "hung" comes from the apparent erection that men get after they have been executed by hanging. If the person being killed falls from enough of a height, what kills them is not strangulation, but a high cervical spine fracture. This disrupts the spinal cord and causes all the mechanisms which normally get blood up to your head against gravity (blood vessel constriction, increasing heart rate, skeletal muscle contraction, etc.) to instantly stop. Blood then has to follow gravity, since there is nothing to oppose it, and blood pools in the lower half of the body, causing an erection.

If the execution was performed "properly", the victim appeared to get an erection/larger ***** and was therefore "hung".

The phrases which follow hung... "like a horse", "like a donkey" etc. are just people'es observations about these animals. The phrase didn't really come from the bible.

A Question
of Size
by Ty McNaulty (staff writer)

Like your inner chuckle at the way we give hand jobs, a source of great amusement for many women is a man’s obsession with his penis.

Women find the male preoccupation
with size to be ingratiating and delightfully amusing

We marvel at the fact that you name it, calling it such endearing terms as Mr. Happy, Dr. Do-Right, Wally and Ralph. We giggle at the fact that, like a small child, you can’t always control its actions. We delight in the knowledge that it is a terrific barometer, rising to the occasion when we please you, and shrinking to hide if we do something you don’t like. As women, we understand that when you are first in our presence, your little pal does most of your thinking. It drives you to seduce us, crying to you how much it needs gratification, motivating you to ignore common sense and go all out to find a way to placate it. Yes, we women have learned, men are not just physically attached to their penises, they are emotionally attached to them. TOP

I assume you want the human answer to this question.

The largest recorded erect length was 14 inches in Dr. David
Reuben’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex”.

Average Information Direct from my source (

"But it's important for a man to realize the true facts about the length of the penis. When it is in a non-erect condition, the male organ usually measures between 8.5cm (just over 3") and 10.5cm (just over 4") from tip to base. The average figure is about 9.5cm (or 3 ¾"), but this kind of precise measurement is really rather valueless because so many factors (for instance, cold weather or going swimming) can temporarily cause a shrinkage of two inches or more."


Kamic's Recommendations
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask

Amazon List Price: $25.00
Used from: $0.01
Average Customer Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (based on 36 reviews)

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"Here is information on the biggest penis in the world"
by: Spamgirl on Dec 08 2006 (33 months ago)

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I have summarized my research below:

It seems that the largest recorded length was 14 inches in Dr. David
Reuben’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex”.
“Of all penis sizes quoted in the literature the largest is
unquestionably the 14 in. erect organ mentioned by Dr. David Reuben in
"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex".”

A good quote that summarizes the sources I kept finding is:

“So how Big is BIG? World Sex Records, quoting from Simons Illustrated
Book of Sexual Records, says that Kinsey co-worker Pomeroy stated that
the longest penis (they) encountered was ten inches. A 1970
unsubstantiated and unsourced survey stated the largest penis found
was 9½ inches (erect). Published in 1935, Dr. Jacobus's "L'Ethnologie
du Sens Genitale" recorded organs up to 12 inches. In "Everything You
Always Wanted to Know About Sex" Dr. David Reuben makes mention of a
14-inch erect organ, but no source was given. The largest reported
penises would seem to be between 10-12 inches in the erect state.”

Here are other quotes that you may be interested in:

“That is nothing compared to the 12" and 14" behemoths reported in
"L'Ethnologie du Sens Genitale", and in Dr. David Reuben's "Everything
You Always Wanted to Know About Sex", respectively.”

“The largest well attested penises would seem to be between ten and
twelve inches in the erect state.”

“In this careful and detailed survey, published in 1970, the largest
penis was found to be 9½ in. in erection, hardly able to compete with
the vast organs of pornographic fiction.”

“According to Wardell B. Pomeroy, the Kinsey co-worker, the longest
penis encountered was 10 inches.”

This study records the a length of 10.2” as their maximum:

Penile Inspired
Legends...How Many Do You Believe?

African American Men Are Bigger Than Other Races


The average length of an erect adult penis is 6 to 7 inches, so statistically anything above 7 inches could be considered larger than average. The range of sizes which is considered normal for an erect adult penis is from 2 inches long up to 10 inches in length. Anything longer than 10 inches could definately be considered to be big.

That's a Good One!

Urban Legends

There are all kinds of urban legends floating around about a man’s genitalia. Every woman by age twenty-five has heard most of them and we delight in proving them wrong. For example, African American men are supposedly extremely well endowed. Then there is the ‘Men with short or skinny fingers have little penises’, or ‘tall men have short little ones’. Alright, I admit it. I'm guilty of checking out a guys hands when I meet him.

Performance works its way into the legends. Watch any porno flick and it will tell you that unless a guy is well hung, he hasn’t got a chance. Teenage boys measure their manhood by the size of their erections. They actually believe that if they have a big one, they are automatically adept lovers! Women on the other hand, have different opinions.

The maximum depth at which female stimulation can occur in the vagina is just 2 inches*. Problem is, most men run right over the 2-inch barrier in an effort to create friction, putting all those extra inches to waste. As women often say, it's not the size, it's how you use it! TOP

30 Women have sex with 225 Men

Does size matter? We invited 30 women to compare notes on the over 225 men they have collectively been with, (For you number crunchers, that is an average of 7.5 men per woman). First, we managed to disprove every urban legend. African American men, like all other races, come in all sizes, from a pencil thin wild hairs to ‘Oh My GOD!’. Thin fingers were no indication of size to our relief, (one of the women is engaged to a surgeon with very small, delicate hands and he is substantial), and height and penis size had no correlation. What did surface as a factor was weight. Men with obtrusive beer bellies, (as women we refer to this situation as pregnant, sorry guys) appeared and felt smaller then they were. The general consensus of the group was that the fat prevented them from being able to adequately penetrate a woman, thus making him feel smaller. On the flip side, if the woman was severely overweight, the same problem occurred

So there you have it, boys! Six inches is NOT normal. EIGHT is the bare minimum required to satisfy the modern, sexually liberated female, TEN is essential to stand any chance of provoking an orgasm and you will need a good FOOT of spam javelin to prove a real hit with the ladies.OK, so the Doctor told you five inches is quite normal. He was lying. Maybe your best mate said six inches was more than any girl can handle? He was lying, too. Well he would, wouldn't he? His laughable little trouser snake is probably even smaller than yours. Or, perhaps you're slipping the pork to one of those liberated, politically-correct girls who insists that the right size depends on preference and compatibility? You know, the ones who claim that being attentive to their sexual and emotional needs is far more important than being hung like a horse with elephantitus of the todger? And you believed her? You boys are so gullible. Prepare yourself for a BIG shock. The bitch is lying to you as well!
I see so many ads these days for 'male enhancement' products. The message they seem to be sending is that women definitely want a man with a larger penis. this true?

Personally, I was well-blessed in the penis size category. Most women I've been with have expressed that they love it larger...

But I've also heard that some women don't prefer it large.

I'm just curious. You must have heard so many comedians make silly jokes about small penises and men with small "members". Have you ever head the saying "it is not the size that matters but what you do with it" or "It is not the size of the boat but the..." You get the point, there are so many sayings to console a man born with a tiny sexual organ you know about it and I know about it, we secretly wish those sayings were actually true.

So many women would refuse to acknowledge that size is a major issue when it comes to sexually satisfaction in the presence of their lovers for fear off hurting their feelings. But we know the painful truth which is that, majority of women prefer a big penis to a small one, there is no wise saying to dispute that fact, as almost all women if not all sexually active women would truthfully admit that they prefer a big penis to a smaller one, period!

A small penis size is among the top three causes of sexual frustration among women and that is not new to most men as we all know a small one only ends up tickling a woman during sex and not giving any pleasure. Women tend to accept the penile size of their lovers as long as they have no other option; the moment a woman finds a man with a bigger penis that is willing to become their lover they tend to dump the former lover with a smaller one.

But the major reason women prefer a bigger penis is just a matter of anatomy. The pleasure points in a woman's vagina must be physically stimulated in order for her to achieve an orgasm, if a woman's lover is unfortunate to have a small sexual organ, the pleasure spots are not stimulated during sex and that usually results in the woman being sexually frustrated. So it is only normal for almost every woman to prefer a bigger penile size to a smaller one, what's the point in going through sexual frustration if they have another option?

You know it, there is no point lying to yourself about it, Size matters a great deal when it comes to sex, women love big penises and if you have a small "sexual member" it is about time you stop your wishful thinking and you solve your problem. A combination of quality herbal enhancement pills and penile exercises is sure to give you the required size you require. Take action before you end up being a loser when it comes to sex!

I do think the majority if women like them big penis size ponderings tend to tow the size-doesn't-matter line because there can be so much more to relating sexually than the length and width of a partner's penis. Why there's kissing, holding, intimacy, eye contact, one-ness, touching, soul-bearing honesty, trust, breasts, butts, toes, hair, discovery, and so on. Sure, penis size is a big deal to some, while others see it as a little piece of a much bigger sex pie.the fact that size DOES matter was womens clsoest kept secret ...until now that is.since a womans vagina is limited too the first 3 or 4 inches or soAgain according to Cosmo, average length flacid is 3.5 inches, average length erect is 5.1 inches.
I think penis size is indirectly related to the user's ability to please woman. If he feels his penis is too small - or even too big for that matter - and feels they can't satisfy someone for reasons outside their ability to remedy short of surgery, they won't perform well solely for that reason: their lack of confidence to please. Girls like confidence in and out of bed most of the time and lacking such will adversely effect a male's performance.

As for physical evidence regarding penis size and woman's pleasure, a woman's vagina is the most sensitive a few inches inside. However, it really can vary based on individual physiology and individual preference. Some woman are very tall while some are short as well as some are into that deep penetration from a larger size while some are hurt or uncomfortable by such a deep penetration. Not being a woman, I can't really form an opinion based on personal discovery or understand the idea of having something penetrate a cervix I don't have. All I can really say with any authority is that most healthy-minded woman don't need a foot long or even a half of that to be happy sexually. The average I think ranges somewhere from 4.5-5.5 inches. Don't quote me on that though. I also remember the sensitive nerve ending inside the vagina are roughly 3-4 inches in, so anybody on average can reach this without any problems.

What a lot of others don't seem to realize is that penis size, length and girth, is greatly enhanced compared to the owners perception of it. I've heard girls very level-headed and adjusted speculate how guys with normal sizes don't seem to realize how much bigger it seems to them. Guys carry it around all the time and get desensitized while girls who only see it at certain times are surprised at an appendage like that sticking so far out of a body. Basically, they know it's *supposed* to be there, but never imagined it to be something so "large" considering it seems so innocuous while flaccid or concealed as a small lump inside your pants.

There's also some research I did recreationally one day that speculates to the woman's pleasure in relation to her G-Spot. Some attest this spot doesn't exist, but my personal opinion is that it does (Not that it matters). Said research entailed a study where a woman's G is better stimulated with a shorter, thicker penis rather than a long one. Even if it was long and thick it wouldn't work as well on average. The deeper penetration holds little physical pleasure apparently - it's all about the visual and psychological aspects.Average Penis Size? Small Penis? Large Penis? Larger?
Knowledge Base > Sex > Penis Size

[Answer This Question] [Ask New Question]
Penis Size by John Holmes 4 year 1 of 4 (25%)

Most women prefer a man with a less then average penis and great at cunnilingus, to a man with a larger penis and no skills. You should never worry about your size; it will only lead to anxieties and potentially a variety of sexual dysfunctions. The majority of a woman's nerve endings are in the first couple inches of her vagina, so exactly how much size matters is a controversial topic. The majority of women have fairly quick orgasm from clitoris stimulation. While your penis is inside vagina, it is the hairy skin over your penis that touches the clitoris regardless of the Penis Size .

Penis Length
Your erection length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal (top) side of the erect penis, from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans. In non-medical jargon, your penis is measured in a straight, or for some arced, line on the topside of the erect penis, from where your belly meets the shaft to the tip of your penis. Take multiple measurements over the course of a few days and then average the values. Since your erections can vary slightly depending on your level of arousal, mood, room temperature, and even the duration since your last sexual encounter, averaging out a few measurements will let you get a more accurate read.

Penis Circumference
Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest part of the erect penis. Whether you use a piece of string or a fabric ruler, you should wrap it around the widest part of your penis, one time. If using string, make sure it is not stretchy, and mark the string at the correct spot and then measure the portion with a ruler. As with penis length, this should be done over a few days and the result averaged out.

The average erect penis length is 5.5 to 6.5 inches, and the average circumference is 4.5 to 5 inches.

Here are the statistics on erect penis lengths for white college men, in quarter-inch lengths measured by The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research (from the point where the penis meets the body along the top to its tip): percent length
0.2 percent 3.75 inches
0.3 percent 4 inches
0.2 percent 4.25 inches
1.7 percent 4.5 inches
0.8 percent 4.75 inches
4.2 percent 5 inches
4.4 percent 5.25 inches
10.7 percent 5.5 inches
percent length
8 percent 5.75 inches
23.9 percent 6 inches
8.8 percent 6.25 inches
14.3 percent 6.5 inches
5.7 percent 6.75 inches
9.5 percent 7 inches
1.8 percent 7.25 inches
2.9 percent 7.5 inches
percent length
1 percent 7.75 inches
1 percent 8 inches
0.3 percent 8.25 inches
0.3 percent 8.5 inches
0.1 percent 8.75 inches
0.1 percent 9 inches

(note: 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 0.25 inch = 0.635 cm)

Here the same data in some other from:

So the average penis length is 6.16 inches (The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute)
The average girth is 4.84 inches.

More recent studies have produced the following results:

A sample of 60 men studied by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco determined that the average size of their erect penises was 5.1 inches long and 4.9 inches in girth.

A Brazilian urologist who measured 150 men reported that the average size of their erections was 5.7 inches long and 4.7 inches in girth.

Many guys wonder what constitutes large size. What is a big penis? Here we examine factors in size and ultimately what men do to gain size if they don't feel they measure up.

What is a big penis?

Visual factors: First off a large member is one which you are able to see from base to head. That is, even if you have a naturally long shaft, it is not going to look that big if it is covered by a forest of pubic hair, where the base is not visible. Guys have learned that by trimming or shaving their pubic hair, they are able to visually achieve much larger size. No matter your natural size, you can always enhance it through the act of pubic hair trimming.

Actual size factors: So what is a big penis as far as actual measurements? While this is debated, it is usually anywhere past 5 or 6 inches which is generally considered average range. Real largeness can be considered in the 8 or 9 inch range.

How does one achieve largeness if they don't have it naturally?

Many men turn to enlarging exercise techniques which will increase size both in length and width. These will take several weeks to experience results, but the results can be fairly dramatic. Many men have successfully gone from average to large (5 inches to 8 plus for instance) through exercise techniques. And the men who were a bit below average have been able to get in the above average bracket. Exercises are generally considered safe when done properly, and are considered the most legitimate working way to gain added size.

Human penis size refers to the length and width of human male genitalia. Interest in larger penis sizes has led to an industry devoted to penis enlargement.
When compared to other primates, including large primates such as the gorilla, the male human genitalia are remarkably large. The human penis is both longer and thicker than that of any other primate both in absolute terms and in relative size to the rest of the body.[1]

To get the most accurate measurements for an individual's penis size, it has been recommended that several measurements be taken at different times, preferably with different erections on different days. The measurements are then to be averaged together. This is to account for what may be natural variability in size due to factors such as arousal level, time of day, room temperature, frequency of sexual activity, and unreliability of the measurement methods.[2][3]

The length can be measured with the subject standing and the penis held parallel to the floor. The penis is measured along the top, from the base to the tip. Results are inaccurate if the measurement is taken along the underside of the penis, or if the subject is seated or prone
What To do If You Have a Large Penis
February 1st, 2008 | Penis Enlargement

Some of you who saw the title of this article might have been shocked by it. Why would I write an article about what to do if you already have a large penis? The reason why I wrote it is because I knew it would catch the attention of many people.

In a world where so many men want to become larger, I thought I would take a moment to write about what to do once you achieve your goal. When I use the expression “large penis” in this article, I’m referring to anyone who has a penis which is larger than average, larger than 6.5 inches.

If you happen to fall under this category, there are a number of things you will want to become aware of. First, having a large penis does not automatically mean that you will have a beautiful sex life.

While there is no doubt that many women will be shocked when they counter your penis for the first time, this shock may turn into a concern that they may not be able to handle your size.

If you’re larger than average, a lot of women may feel that sex with you would hurt them. While this may sound gratifying to some men, it would also mean that you may find yourself in bed alone. Also, if you enjoy anal sex, and you have a large penis, many women will reject due to the sure pain that you will cause them.

It is at this point where having a larger than average penis can start to become a curse. Many women won’t have sex with you, and a large number will be intimidated by your size. To get around these problems, you will want to start slowly.

Always emphasize foreplay before the sex. If you can do well during foreplay, and get her really hot and bothered, there is a good chance that she would be willing to take a chance. When she does allow you to enter, you will want to do so slowly at first, working your way in until she becomes comfortable with your size.

Once she adjusts, you can then push all the way in. After you’ve thrusted in and out and few times, you can begin to pick up speed.

You may need to add lube, but that is fine. Once she has become used to your size, then you can gradually get her to try other things. With anal, you need to apply the same strategy. Start slow, maybe even using your fingers at first, and once she becomes comfortable with that, you can start with the head of the penis and then slowly work the rest in.

Originally posted by hobby
>3.95 cm average penis width was probably measured across the top of erect penises. That's a little over 1.5", which sounds typical.

But, how did they measure the condoms to arrive at the stated 5.6 cm width? That's 2.2", which can't be circumference. And it can't be width either. Assuming a cylindrical shape, that would be 7" girth. Very baggy condoms for the average guy indeed.

Condom size is too large for average penis

Condom width x 2 = 11.2 cm (4.4") circumference.
Average penis circumference (assuming they are round) = 12.4 cm (4.88")

Sounds like the condoms should be just fine, even if the penises are slightly oval-shaped. Actually, at 6.9/7.0 inches you're above average (about 5 to 6.5 inches). So that coupled with your girth, you might as well go for "Large" sized condoms.

Now as for your tight foreskin, you may have a condition called phimosis, where your foreskin opening is too small/narrow for you to be able to pull your foreskin back easily and comfortably to expose the entire glans (penis head) during an erection. There are things you can try to "fix" this problem before you see a doctor about it.

The first thing you should try are called stretching exercises. See links 1 and 2 for good detailed instructions on what to do. It's best to do these exercises after a bath/shower when the skin's most flexible. Do these exercises for 10-20 minutes every day for 1-2 months. Over time, your foreskin will loosen up and you'll be able to pull it back easily and comfortably to expose the entire glans.

If after a month and you see little/no progress, then it's a good idea to ask your doctor for a prescription cream that helps loosen the foreskin (link 3). If you combine the cream you doctor then prescribes with the stretching exercises above, the whole process will be quicker and easier.

In almost all cases of a tight foreskin the above treatments are all that's necessary. So you can ignore any suggestions or recommendations to get circumcised, as that's just not necessary. Worse comes to worst, there is an alternative surgery that removes little/no foreskin, is cheaper, is less painful, and has a quicker recovery time (link 4). However, not all doctors know or are skilled in this procedure, so it would be important to find a doctor who's both willing and experienced in doing them.

See the remaining links for more useful info. Also, once your foreskin's "fixed," then the way you use a condom might change (link 7). I hope all this helps!!My penis girth (width) is too big for normal condoms and too big for my foreskin?
It is so difficult and uncomfortable trying to put normal condoms on, and I don't need any 'Large' sized, because my length isn't huge 'cause it's about 6.9/7.0 inches. Is there any solutions for this, like 'large' condoms for the girth or something?
large condoms like trojan magnums are actually usually wider more than they are longer. i'm at a perfect average size and prefer magnums because they just fit better. so don't hesitate to use larger ones because they focus on being larger in more than one wayI have a 7.8/7.9 inches penis and I have no problem with large condom... did u try to use Settebello extreme? Try it... It's wonderful.
What is considered big as far as penis size?
In: Mens Health, Male Puberty [Edit categories] [Improve]

From our video partners
Men's Health
Important facts for men to live a healthy life. I'm sure anything larger than 6 inches (15cm) would be considered as "big". The average length is around 5-6 inches, size varies a lot from person to person.

You should also take notice that vaginas are different in size as well, some vaginas are quite sizable and some are small. The vagina can accommodate to penis length during intercourse. Being too big is not always a positive thing!

What size is consider a well hung as in penis lenth and thickness?
In: Mens Health, Male Puberty [

Obviously anything or 8 inches.

* A well hung guy would probably be in the 8" x 5.5" and up range.
I ran into people on the net ,who consider 8 to 9 inch's not considered well hung or well endowed-.8 to 9 inches is thought of well Hung,well-endowed or big.
From our video partners
Men's Health
Important facts for men to live a healthy life.

* Just how big is "wellhung?"
* The term "well hung" has been thrown around a lot on this site. Just how big (in inches) is "well hung?" And is it measured when the penis is soft or hard?

well-hung definition

well-hung (wel′huŋ′)


Slang having large genitals: said of a man: a somewhat vulgar usage

* The Penis Size Survey
Ansell, makers of LifeStyles Condoms, has conducted research into average penis size. The survey found that the average length of the erect penis is 5.877 inches (14.928cm), with the majority ranging between the small 5.5 inch penis size (14cm) and the large 6.3 inch penises (16cm).Above average is considered about 7 inches or 8 or 9 upward.Despite you may have heard.considered well hung or well endowed dosen't over 9 inches.Anything large is considered hung like a horse or donkey.And not all adult film star are big-some average males can well hung.All black are not automatically well hung neither-thats a myth spread by males,who feel small or avarage and need convince otherwise.

The average girth is 4.972 inches (12.63cm), with the majority ranging between 4.7 inches (12cm) and 5.1 inches (13cm). This indicates that the difference between small penis size and large is not very big.6 inches or more is 8 and bigger is hung well or well hung is defined as 8" and up. Mule size, 8 or 9 inches, is really rare and scares away most females. And 11 inches or up-forget it-date a size queen or porn star.World's largest human penis.I read that The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around.. Can someone confirm this?I think there has been longer than 13.5, a friend told me he saw in a porn one that was 19 inches?Yeah, for one you wouldn't have enough blood in your body to fill it if you got an erection.

For 2 thats more than twice as long as the average human is tall..


I read that The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around.. Can someone confirm this??
What Is The Record For The Biggest Penis In The World?

Largest penis size registered in England

Doctor Jacobus states in his publications that he witnessed a man having a 30 centimeter-long penis when erected. Some sources however mention that there was a man having a penis of 35 centimeters when erected. Certainly, there are less lucky men having tiny penises, sometimes just one centimeter long, that they are even called micro-penises. This is certainly a disease that doctors call Congenital Hypoplasia.

Researchers studied the geography of big and small penises and published the results. England holds the leading position as concerning the big penis size (26.67 cm) as well as the small penis size (6.98 cm). Germany follows with 21.59 cm big size and 8.89 cm small size; Denmark – 20.32 cm big size and 12.7 cm small size; America – 19.68 cm big size and 8.89 cm small size; Sweden – 19.6 cm big size and 12.7 cm small size; France – 19.6 cm big size and 8.89 cm small size.

Doctor Van de Helde is sure that the size of men’s testicles does not seriously vary. The normal testicles size is not more than 4 cm lengthwise and 2 cm widthways. There is a worm that blocks lymphatic vessels and causes big swellings that makes testicles incredibly huge. Men in some African and Indonesian villages are proud of the huge size of their swollen testicles and demonstrate them as the symbol of their undoubted masculinity.

A Danish plastic surgeon performed 1,100 operations on the penis thus enlarging its size from 5 to 14.5 cm.

Historical documents say that when Egyptians smashed Libya in the 13th century B.C. they brought 13,230 penises of the defeated enemies back to Egypt as war trophies.

W.F. Benedict in the book The Sexual Anatomy of Woman mentions that there was a 14-year-old girl who had a breast weighing 6.3 kg and a 30-year-old woman who had a breast of 11.3 kg. In case there are heavier bosoms, this is the sign of a disease called hypertrophy. Swiss biologist Albrecht von Haller stated that in one of his researches he came across a clitoris of about 30.5 cm.

What is the biggest penis size ever?
Mine is 7 inches
There was a guy from New York that I think had the biggest penis ever recorded. Rolling Stone did a story on him. I think it was 13 inches (maybe longer, I can't remember.) I do know that he was totally miserable having it be that long. You'd think he'd get into porn or something, but that wasn't the case. I'm sure you can google it and find out.

P.S. Seven inches is a good size. Would you really want it to be double that? You'd have to wear bigger pants! ha ha...

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Penis size??
my penis is 2 inches when not erect and 4 inches when fully erect. is this normal? i do masturbation.
The penis stops growing at the end of puberty, which comes around the age of 18. However, there are many environmental factors that may delay or accelerate the onset or the end of puberty. This means that some men may experience penis growth beyond the age of 18.

Despite many reports and studies on average penis size the results have varied dramatically due to different measuring techniques and problems with sample selection. However, it is often said that the average penis size is between 6 and 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth when erect.Penis size...again?
What is the average size for a 14 year old penis. Please guys only, no offense to girls. *You measure from the base of the shaft to the tip, not scrotum to tip*
The penis stops growing at the end of puberty, which comes around the age of 18. However, there are many environmental factors that may delay or accelerate the onset or the end of puberty. This means that some men may experience penis growth beyond the age of 18.

Despite many reports and studies on average penis size the results have varied dramatically due to different measuring techniques and problems with sample selection. However, it is often said that the average penis size is between 6 and 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth when erect.

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Size does matter on occasion.ever addressed penis size.Sponsor link
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penis size mexicanwhite pigment penisPICTURES BENT PENISspotty penis picsTight underwear penis18-year-olds penisbroken capillaries in peniscrooked penis headhonestly,does penis size matter?!! and if it does what is the ideal size?

Ok sweety, let me lay it out for you. All woman say size doesnt matter size doesn't matter, but what are woman: LIARS! They are the best liars on the planet right guys? Of course they are going to say size doesn't matter. Ok ok i will say this, most women say they don't care but in the back of their mind they are thinking, "poor lil fella" catch my drift? Woman will screw lil wee wee men but once he passes out, she is polishing her self off with her bullet. A good size penis is about 6 inches or so. It give us ladies a length to actually feel something but the breathing room to really pound it hard. Woman are picky about their shoes, so of course they are going to be picky about their penis of choice. I don't mean to be blunt but I feel guys need to know the truth!! Good luck GUYS!!

honestly,does penis size matter?!! and if it does what is the ideal size? Keyword

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You should use google if you want to know more, I'm sure you'll find a lot more detailed information.


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