Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Average pornstar penis size

Average pornstar penis size
Most pornstars' penises are only slightly larger than average and are definitely not in the top 5% by size.
The following excerpt from, the rec.arts.movies.erotica FAQ addresses this point in greater depth:

Hart Williams observes:
Generally, most male penii in porn run about the same general size. For years, I heard "They're ENORMOUS!," but with a few exceptions (Holmes, Jeremy, Long Dong Silver [fave of Justice Clarence Thomas]who is fake, almost all are 'a little bigger than average' (whatever the hell that means -- an actress told me). On the set, they were not intimidating, else this author is the same size and missed his calling -- and he doubts it, sincerely. Tom Byron, for instance, looks enormous, but he's pretty much the same size as anyone else. But, in his early days, he was a sub-6-foot male, and skinny, and it looked HUGE (this was a question from several early female fans of the biz).

Most males haven't seen another man erect close up, and the picture gives you no frame of reference as to the size of the actors, height-wise or pecker-wise. Back in the movie days, a monster shot of a spurting one-eyed- wonder-worm could be ten or twenty feet high on the screen. Talk about no frame of reference....

If you're worried about comparisons, a good way to judge is to look at the guys hands when they grab their own dicks, and compare it to yours. Most guys hands are about the same size, so you could use that as a frame of reference.
Tim Evanson, my reporter on the gay scene says:

The average gay porn star's height is 5'8". Thus any penis that looks 8" on film is probably only 6.5" or 7" in real life. Famous gay porn stars with "enormous" cocks are, really, much smaller:

Name Purported Actual Size
Jeff Stryker 10" 7.5"
Ryan Idol 9" 7"
Scott O'Hara 12" 9"
Alex Carrington 10" 8"
BJ Slater 11" 9"
Kris Lord 12" 8"
John Holmes 13'' 10 ''
Peter North 12'' 8''

Status Average erect penis length
Modest 5.6"
Average 6.4"
Endowed 7.1"
Anything over 7 inches is consider well endowed-well hung ,big and so on.

Height Erect penis length
64-65" 6.1"
66-67" 6.1"
68-69" 6.2"
70-71" 6.3"
72-73" 6.6"
74-75" 6.6"
76-77" 6.8"
Often, gay porn stars clip their pubic hair or shave it entirely, enhancing the appearance of size. Most also shave their testicles, which enhances size as well. Several use a "cock pump" to enhance vascularity and size temporarily before oral sex or anal penetration. Many stars also use cock rings of leather or steel to enhance erections and trap blood in the penis -- causing a larger look.
Also, do not compare the "realistic" dildos often marketed as "modeled from Jeff Stryker's own penis" (the most famous examples being the Jeff Stryker, Kris Lord, and Foot Long Sean Davis models) to real penis size. Firms purposefully enlarge these dildos (so says my friend, who worked as a graphic artist at one).

Penis Size:
1 in 5 = 5.5"
1 in 8 = 7"
1 in 95 = 8"
1 in 1,000 = 9"
1 in 12,000 = 10"

O: I don't want to sound flippant when I ask this...
RJ: Don't worry about it.

O: How big is your penis?
RJ: Nine and three-quarters.

O: Nine and three-quarters.
RJ: They say 10 in some press, and I say fine. I'll keep the extra quarter-inch. They used to say that John Holmes was 14. He wasn't. He was 12. Which is still pretty massive! That ain't nothing to be shy about. In fact, he used to call me "Little Dick." I'd say, well, listen to this. I'd say, "Well, John, with you it's not sex, it's a pap smear. Once you hit bottom, where the fuck are you going to go?" We used to make jokes about that, you know. He'd call me "Little Dick," I'd call him "Pap Smear."

(Source: The Onion AV Club,
I never really realised my cock was big what I was younger, guess when watching porn I thought it looked about normal, never realised how much bigger than normal porn stars were, how do you think 7.5-8x6 is in comparison to the average porn star?
I discover that I was bigger than normal.I found my cock above average in lenth original thought somewhere 7.5-8x6 by incorrect measuring and not getting hard enough,while doing so.I discovered by getting hard and measuring quickly before it might get softer-it around 9inches in lenth-pretty long and 6 and a half around-pretty thick.I often wonder while watching the like Peter North,Ron Jeremy,John Holmes in adult film,why they just look all that huge to me,when I was younger.Answer I had a pretty big dick,just never measured the thing until I was an adult and that took time to get that correctly done.The thing is also you guys with normal or small sized ones,see these guys on film and think god,thats got to be over 10 or 11 inches or even bigger.Fact is,many adult film star are big-huge even-just not freakishly well hung.
I don't think the average pornstar is much bigger than average. Of course there are some that are. With an accurate measurement this is clear. Julian claims 8.5" on his website. He is much bigger than the average pornstar. Also, take a look at these pictures. This is a 7" penis at best and it's in Milfs like it Big, big dick porn.


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