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Tina Small-was an extraordinary nude model

,that made her debute in Fling magazine-all adult mens magazine,that specialized in large chested women.She was an extremely pretty girl,who claimed to have lived in a small village within the southern area of the United Kingdom.Raised by her mother,who was abandoned her father ,at an early age around age five.Tina Small claimes to be a twine Fling article cited 81 or 84 inches-23-35.Often called by Fling as either Titanic Tina or Tina Small. Tina in her autobiography to played The Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, the mother of God.

Photos of Tina Small,photographed by John Xavier,who discovered on a train to London,in the 1970’s.She debuted in Fling Magazine in 1978 or 1979. Tina Small claimed to suffer from the medical condition known as Virginal breast hypertrophy (VBH) is not a medical name, but the more known name for juvenile macromastia and juvenile gigantomastia- that causes excessive growth of the breasts during puberty and has a much higher frequency than the rare cases of breast hypertrophy in pregnancy. She quickly became a sensation and a contriversy within the pages of Fling –some fans loving her and excepting her as is,while others not-saying she was beautiful and either needed a plastic surgeon or a forklift with cups. Every inch a every inch a lady-a book of Photos of Tina Small.soon came after numerous features in Fling.Some pictures were also presented,with Fling editor Ave Miller,in other magazines such as Juggs,Gent and so on around this time.Tina Small,herself soon had a fan club,known as the Tina Small Appriciation League of North Texas,created by a group of fans in Texas.Soon others followed from around the globe,once this made known in the pages of Juggs and Fling magazine.Tina Small,soon wrote her own autobiography called Big Girls Don’t Cry,published by Legend Publishers,in an attempt to tell her own story in her own words.Ultra Vision Productions,came out a few very soft core Adult Films,mainly based a series of Adventures of Princess Titania-a superhero science fiction character,created by Tina Small herself,who claimed to be a big science fiction fan and would do such material if it was such.The movies were of an innocent quality and were made sort in the style of Russ Meyers-who claimed to also like to use Tina in one of his upcoming movies.Tina Small,left the adult film and modeling business,being not satified with John Xavier’s handling of her career,plus a few relationship problems a man who alledged to engaged to.A few article in British Tabloids such as the Sunday Sport,featured reprints of other articles and chapters of her book.Tina Small,at the time claimed to want to retire and become a part time Buddhist nun .She soon dissappered and left a lot of controversy,that exists until this day.Obviously fakes like Zena Fulsom,Cindy Fulson,Dixie Dynimite,Mandy Mountjoy,Vicki Little,the Farang Ding Dong Girls,the Mastatia Girls and others ,who claimed be other women,with the medical condition,known as Virginal Hypertrophty ,but most were so bad,one but the extremely stupid believed them to be real.
Tina Small,once told a story,that because of the extreme size her amazing bustline,she could not wear a two peice bathing suite.She had wear a single one piece pathing suite to keep her massive breast from spilling out.
Who ever Titantic Tina or Tina Small was no one,but herself,her personal photographer and manager,and a hand of people that actually met her,knows for sure and known of them are talking on the web anywhere.Rumors of sightings by fans come upon the net and fan clubs appear from time to time,such the Tina Small Collector and the Tina Small Roberta Pedon Fan Club show up on Yahoo.Msn or My Space,One or two profiles appear on the web,such as at My Space,but still no one really knows for sure,what is real or unreal with the legendary career of Tina Small.

Tina Small or Christina Jane Small

September 10, 1959 (1976-03-07) (age 48)

Birth location:
Iping, Somerset, UK.

81 or 84-23-34 GG or EE.

5 ft 6 in ()

Natural bust:

A hard man is good to beat
Tina Small video clips
Tina Small needs no introduction to BE aficionados. Her beautiful face, lovely long golden hair, and amazing body have captivated everyone who has seen her. Sadly, Tina is no longer active, and what exists of her now, is all that ever will exist. There are various rumors about where she is and what she is now doing, but whatever it is, she's entitled to her privacy, and we shan't intrude on her life today.

There is very little material from the time when she was an active model. You can see much of that in the Tina Small Galleries, because most of what exists is still photographs, and low quality at that.

But Tina has also been captured on video. This is very difficult to find, but the intrepid Ladybumps explorers have combed the globe, as it were, and come up with some video of Tina that you might like to see.

Like the stills, some of it is rather poor quality. Some of it was shot with a domestic camcorder, under conditions of poor light. Other sections of video have been artistically intercut, superposed, cropped and colour-altered. There's nothing that can be done about that now, except to regret what might have been. I could have decided to leave out the poorer quality material, but I can almost hear the agonised screams of "gimme, gimme" if I did that. Some of it is Tina's face, or Tina's legs. Should I leave that out? I don't think so!

Titanic Tina - Tina Small- blonde-haired woman with the 84GG bust. Titanic Tina aka Tina Small, inspired many other adult film stars and left a legendary mark in the business. Tina Small blonde-haired person with very big breast,has since dissappeared from the business since around 1990.Tina Small-the face that launched a thousand websites.

You wanna such a big brest? You really want? Or maybe a little bit smaller? :)

A page where things are about as big as they get

America Meets Ting
Bizarre Discovery

World's Biggest?

Well, probably not, but when Ting Jiafen suffered a bit of a growth spurt at the age of twelve, she wasn't really trying for the record. No doubt if China set out to lead the world in whoppers, it could easily do so.
As Bizarre Magazine tells us, some years after R & D brought the same news to its devoted readers, poor Ting wasn't having the happiest of childhoods. When she was ten, she temporarily lost the ability to walk and a year later she suffered from a spell of blindness. Then her breasts started to develop. Chen Guoxia is the child's mother...
"Until February, Ting was a perfectly normal little girl. She developed just like other girls of her age.
"By May, Ting's breasts were a little over the size of a fist, but they just wouldn't stop growing. Otherwise my daughter developed normally. Even her periods hadn't started."

By August, onlythree months later, they were down to here and still growing. By then, Ting's breasts were more than half a yard long and a foot wide, and weighed 22lb each.
Clearly, the poor girl couldn't be allowed to carry on like this. For Ting, the choice was either radical surgery or learning to live with a succession of increasingly large wheelbarrows.
They couldn't find anything wrong with Ting's breasts when they chopped them off. "They're just big, that's all," commented a surgeon inscrutably.
These pictures give some idea of the trials of living with enormous breasts. Ting could only sleep on her back with her breasts resting on each side of her body. When she needed to get up, it took two helpers to support her breasts...
"The bathroom's this way."
"No, it's not, it's down here..."
At least, Ting wouldn't have to stuff her bra to keep up appearances after her surgery. They promised her a nice pair of implants... Training bras to twin hammocks in three months...

Photoprints Newsletter Number 7

The big conundrum, the great controversy; was she real or was she fake? For sure it's easier to fake a still than to fake video. But video can still be faked; these clips show, for example, how to fake someone riding a bicycle. But the key question, was Tina faked? Watch the video, you'll have to decide for yourself. Watch Tina as she bicycles, dances, boxes, spins, bounces, and moves around.

I do the digitisations in the best quality possible; what you see here, is as good as the tapes, as good as it's going to be. Files tend to be three to four megabytes, for downloading convenience. So here you have it: Tina on video.

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